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Introduces Lucullus, Process Information Management System


Lucullus, Turning Data into Information

Lucullus PIMS software allows the user to monitor and control bioprocesses and offers an extensive toolbox for analyzing process data cross platforms. Process information can be generated based on data generated in different brands of bioreactor types and wide range of different cultivation volumes.

The software includes functionality for Design of Experiments, Reactor Planning, Media Preparation and Tracking, Parallel Processing, SCADA, Data Mining and Batch Reporting. The combination of the software with the broad range of Applikon Bioreactor Systems offer the user a unique system for validatable fast track development and basic research. 

The ever increasing amount of process data generated by more sensors in smaller parallel bioreactor systems needs advanced software to turn this data into useful information. Lucullus PIMS offers a new dimension in data processing. Data management and data analysis is key for the future of R&D and process development in pharmaceutical industry.

Synoptic Lucullus

The main modules of Lucullus PIMS are:

  • Planning, activities around the planning of recipes, reactor allocation and Design of Experiments
  • Preparation, media preparation, storage and component trace-ability
  • Execution, (parallel) process execution and data presentation and storage
  • Evaluation, data analysis, presentation, automatic reporting, modelling and comparison of data between different cultures 


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