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i-Control is an easy to operate  bioreactor control system and utility console. This scalable control solution is used to control processes in bioreactor systems from laboratory scale to pilot plant and production scale. The seamless scale-ability saves time and money by offering a simpe scale-up of control strategy from research via pilot-plant to production. The i-Control is available in a Single, a Dual bioreactor set-up as well as in a Quad (4 bioreactors) configuration.

The off-the shelf system is supplied pre-configured and ready to use.


  • Standard Solution
  • Reliable
  • Supplier independent
  • Local Control and Display
  • Integrates with factory automation system
  • Cost effective
  • 21CFR part 11 compliant


The PLC Bio Console supports auxiliaries (pumps, gas supply, temperature actuators, and additional inputs) and needs a 3-phase power supply. When applied in combination with SIP/CIP bioreactors, the controller will be incorporated in a cabinet on the bioreactor skid and called i-Control and can be highly automated for sterilization and cleaning procedures. The control system is based on an Allen Bradley PLC or a Siemens PLC.

i-Control human interface is a color touch screen. The dedicated bioreactor control system has the most important functions available on the main page of the controller; Calibration, alarm signals, Starting/stopping of control loops, changing controller setpoints, viewing trend graphs and of course a synoptic overview of the process. Other screen views include sterilization view, Clean-In-Place view, Alarm history view and many others.

i-Control is developed to be used by biotechnologists and cell biologists. One of the key features is the simplicity of operation. The system can be operated by cell biologists and configurations can be adapted to changing process demands without the needing a controls engineer on-site.

The console communicates with BioXpert or 3rd party SCADA via OPC.

The system is designed to comply with the following international standards

  • GAMP 4
  • ISA S88
  • 21 CFR part 11

Main functions of the i-CONTROL are:

  • Process control
  • Data collection
  • Alarming
  • Authorization
  • Sterilization
  • Calibration
  • Data presentation
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