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Photo Bioreactors


PhotoBio Introduction

A number of recent studies demonstrated that normal plants could be grown under Light Emitting Diodes light sources very efficiently.  These Solid state lamps (SSL) are tiny semiconductor chips that generate light when powered. The elements that the diode is made from determine the light spectrum it emits, these solid state devices have been improved over the years and now have greatly increased light intensity and specific wavelengths. These developments have resulted in SSL as self contained light source for plant growth.

3 liter photo bioreactor
Applikon has chosen to develop light panel that are ad-on modules for our standard stirred tank and single-use bioreactors. This offer maximum flexibility and offer a very economical set-up for cultivating photosynthesizing organisms . The volume range covers 3 liter up to 20 liter autoclavable stirred tank bioreactors  and 10 up to 50 liter single use bioreactors.

SSL (Solid state lamps) plant light has very unique characteristics which are useful for plant growth applications. An important characteristic is the spectral distribution of light in the wavelengths region of 450-500 NM and 630-700 NM,  these bands are critical for normal plant growth as they fall within the Photo-synthetically Active Radiation, PAR, (400-700), which plants primarily use for biological processes and are also favorable for confined applications such as micro-propagation.  Another useful characteristic is long useful life of about 50,000 hours and the high-energy conversion efficiency. This results in substantially cooler systems than other light sources. Systems also save energy by using less ventilation and cooling needs for growing plants in culture room. Secondly this provides new opportunities for enhancing growth of several hard to grow plants or plants that require a specific range of lightspectrum.



Innovative solid state plant growth illumination with Full spectrum imitates natural sunlight as closely as possible by emitting light in every spectral range and having peaks at 470nm and 630nm, without NDIR and ultraviolet spectrum components.





maximum driving capacity   140 watt of power or 24 light bank of 6watt
Programmable zones   8
Intensity control   0 to 100% PWM
Time base   Built in Real time clock
Time range   99:59 hours : minutes
Light driving   Constant current source
Housing & Protection Class   IP-30 and IP-65 for Control Panel And IP67 for Light bank
User interface     16x2 Backlit LCD, Feather touch Keys
Serial Communication port   Full duplex RS232 or RS485 interface(optional)
Ambient temperature   0°C up to 60°C
Power supply   220 -240 V AC / 50-60 Hz
Consumption   maximum     150 W

The PhotoBio range of bioreactors consist of the following products:

PhotoBioSTR2   2 liter stirred tank bioreactor (single wall, non jacketed),   40 Watt panel
PhotoBioSTR3   3 liter stirred tank bioreactor (single wall, non jacketed)   40 Watt panel
PhotoBioSTR5   5 liter stirred tank bioreactor (single wall, non jacketed)   60 Watt panel
PhotoBioSTR7   7 liter stirred tank bioreactor (single wall, non jacketed)   60 Watt panel
PhotoBioSTR15   15 liter stirred tank bioreactor (single wall, non jacketed)   120 Watt panel
PhotoBioSTR20   20 liter stirred tank bioreactor (single wall, non jacketed)   120 Watt panel
PhotoBioSU10   10 liter single use Appliflex rocking bioreactor   40 Watt panel
PhotoBioSU20   20 liter single use Appliflex rocking bioreactor   60 Watt panel
PhotoBioSU50   50 liter single use Appliflex rocking bioreactor   120 Watt panel


All photosynthesizing organisms (plants, algae, bacteria) commercial and scientific areas of interest.


  • Long lifetime (50000 hrs) & good lumen maintenance
  • Low voltage operation having more than 90% efficiency with no EMI radiation.
  • Directional light output & Even distribution of light over the target application area
  • Great performance in cold environments
  • Environment friendly and Shock / vibration resistant
  • Photo-synthetically Active Radiation, PAR, (400-700), and Ideal for plant growth, to achieve better efficiency in the response of plants
  • Electrically isolated thermal path
  • Excellent wavelength stability over time ,consistent, high-reliability
  • Usable wavelength blue (470nm) and red (630nm) for plant growth
  • Fully regulated form 0 to 100% light intensities (0 to 10000 lux) in real time

Science and Facts
Plants do not utilize all ranges of the spectrum equally. During photosynthesis, pigments like chlorophyll and carotene absorb light more efficiently at particular wavelengths. Using lights tuned to these proper wavelengths provides an extremely efficient and economical method of giving your plants an abundant light source in its most active range. 
Plants can use almost all of the light emitted from these SSL lamps. This is not the case with metal halide lamps where only about 10% of the power is used for light generation and about 35% of the light generated by metal halide lamps is useful for growing plants. In addition, less than 17% of the light output from metal halide lamps is produced in the peak wavelength for optimum absorption by chlorophyll. Other lights, like sodium vapor and florescent have mixed, and somewhat lower results.

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