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Lucullus Process Information Management System

Turning Data into Information


Everybody wants to complete their work quickly and retrieve that can be easily interpreted to find valuable solutions. Easier said than done. Complex matrices can be challenging in designing your experiments and allocating resources. Data needs to be retrieved from various analytical tools and multiple data bases. Consolidating all this and being able to interpret it into meaningful information can be a daunting task.

Applikon offers a tool that will put you back in control of your work. Lucullus Process Information Management System (PIMS) is the only software offering an integrated workflow solution that starts with planning and ends with data analysis in upstream fermentation development. Lucullus provides:

  • Integration of bioprocess control systems from a variety of suppliers and all laboratory instrumentation into a single software solution.
  • Automated information extraction by consolidating data analysis procedures into one step.
  • The integrated architecture of all functionality into one program eliminating the need for 3rd party software solutions.
  • A consolidated workflow that offers a structured approach to experimental design, experiment preparation, execution and data analysis.

Lucullus PIMS software provides a unique capability to generate novel bioprocess data and information to support PAT and QbD objectives. The software saves time generating meaningful data more quickly and efficiently resulting in better understanding of the process and providing crucial knowledge to make confident decisions.


Lucullus is only software package on the market with a focus on the whole process. This unique approach has proven to be successful and has allowed many organizations to excel in their R&D and pilot labs. The incorporated tools and intelligence has allows smaller organizations to get optimal results from their often limited resources. Larger organizations have strongly benefitted from the features that allow multiple teams on different sites to coordinate and align their efforts. Choosing Lucullus ensures that bioprocess labs are set to meet future challenges.


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Lucullus is a Process Information Management System (PIMS) that fulfills all the needs of a modern bioprocess lab. It allows researchers in upstream development to fully harness the capability of their resources. Lucullus was designed in close collaboration with the bioprocess market and helps to streamline and simplify the bioprocess work-flow in all stages of the bioprocessing:

- Planning

- Preparation

- Execution

- Evaluation


The Lucullus is vendor independent and can therefore be used in combination with virtually every type and brand of bioreactor and bioprocess analysis instrument. The software was designed and built to be reliable and uses an Oracle database for data storage. This foundation makes Lucullus extremely stable, powerful and well supported.



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