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ez-Control Bundles


A BioBundle is a complete bioreactor system, equipped with all necessary components and is ready to use “out-of-the-box”. No detail is overlooked: the system is complete with silicone tubing, sample bottles and a “starter kit” including spare parts. The BioBundle is easy to set-up, requires no special skills or tools, easy to learn and easy to operate. Lucullus Lite Software for data acquisition is included. Select one or more of the optional add-on packs to customize your BioBundle. The BioBundle provides a unique combination of ease of use and sophistication, reducing the time to start-up a process. The system is equipped with the intelligent and powerful process controller: easy and intuitive to operate, such that the user manual might not be needed.


The process controller has control loops for pH, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Foam/Level and agitation and can apply a combination of digital and analog outputs for process control. Actuators such as rotameters, solenoid valves, mass flow controllers, pumps, thermocirculator and others can be controlled. The operator can set P-I-D values, dead-band for pH control, cascade control strategies, and dose monitors for liquid additions. The advanced auto-tuning adaptive control system is part of every bundle and takes the guessing out of PID controller setting. The system can automatically and continuously calculate the best controller settings for every process.

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