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Appliflex Bundles


AppliFlex Single Use Bioreactors

AppliFlex is the single use bioreactor range designed by Applikon. Manufactured according to the highest quality standards and backed by 40 years of bioreactor and sensor experience, accurate measurement and control of important parameters is guaranteed. The combination of the bioreactor with sensors and control system offers great opportunities for cGMP applications. The Appliflex bioreactor range consists of a 10-liter, 20-liter and 50-liter bioreactor bag. The film uased for the Appliflex bioreactors is the Thermo CX5-14 Film. This offers an easy transfer of your process from the lab (in the Appliflex) to pilot plant and production (in the Thermo SUB). The use of one type of film makes validation of your process easier. The bag and sensors (pH, DO, T) are designed for single-use. Optionally a re-usable sensor set can be used. The AppliFlex Rocker is designed in compliance with CE guidelines. It can be applied for the complete range of Appliflex reactor volumes. The control system (pH, DO, T, rpm) is the standard Applikon ez-Control.


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