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Retention system for perfusion, concentration and washing

The Applikon BioSep system is a unique, cell retention device for high-density perfusion processes. Using high frequency resonant ultrasonic waves to separate cells instead of a physical mesh or membrane, it offers all the benefits of traditional devices but without their inherent problems and limitations.



The BioSep, based on the technology of acoustic resonance, is a non fouling / non clogging retention system. It can be applied in continuous mode which makes the BioSep the most favourable instrument for perfusion cultures. The BioSep can be applied in both R&D (max. 1L/day), process development and on production scale (1000L/dag). Screening of cells and medium optimalisation typically are applications in the R&D segment. Furhtermore the BioSep can be seen as the first step in the DownStream Processing. The economic advantages are evident and described in literature.The technology of the BioSep also is very attractive for applications such as concentration of cell / particles and washing (e.g. beads).

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